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4 Reasons You Need To Be More Curious

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

I woke up this morning, and the first thing I thought of was, "How can I be more curious today?"

Curiosity is a coach's superpower, and any great coach is always thinking of better ways to get underneath things by asking compelling questions. That is why clients come and see a coach, to get underneath and unlock the potential inside you.

Then I thought, "Why is curiosity so powerful?"

Here are four reasons why you need to be more curious:

1. You will become more self-aware

Curiosity, when reflected inwardly, can help you become more aware of yourself. The benefit is that you will open up more choices. For example, you will determine your likes and dislikes, how you react under stress or the qualities you want in a partner. Self-awareness helps open up new gateways of potential.

2. You will learn more

So many people parade around in the day knowing things. So many people have jobs where they get paid to know things, which can become a trap. Curiosity allows us to learn, and let's face it, there is always something to learn. By being intentionally curious, you open up the potential to take away something new even in tasks you have done a hundred times. This practice embraces the mindset of continuous improvement.

Magnifying glass showing the landscape of mountains and forest
Open up to what others may not see

3. You uncover what is not noticeable to others

We have all met people that seem to get it. They know how the world ticks and use it to get results. I always describe people like that as hummingbirds. These people seem to pick up and notice things and make micro-adjustments to how they are talking, behaving, or asking questions, which translates into better results. It is like they have a radar dish that is finely tuned, and if you ask them, "How do you do that?" they seldom can tell you. On the other hand, uncovering what is not noticeable to others is a gift, and curiosity can put you on a path of dialling in that tool.

Two silhouettes of puzzle pieces being put together
Connecting the pieces through relationship

4. Curiosity is a portal to connection

Relationships and connecting to others is a critical human need. With most of the world staring down at their tiny screens and keeping up with friends through their social media accounts, there is a real opportunity to connect with others with curiosity. I try to use this portal to connect whenever I am feeling down. For example, the other day, I was walking near my house, and I saw a young man do a trick on his skateboard just in front of me. I said, "Wow, that was cool. How did you learn to do that?" He proceeded to tell me a story, showed me a few more tricks, and we both left with a smile. Showing interest in someone is a sure way to connect.

So just as in coaching, curiosity can become your superpower too. Try and practice these four things and see what opens up for you; perhaps you will have a different experience. I would love to hear from you about how you will use curiosity in your life.

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