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Photography by Angela McConnell-20181210


Photography by Angela McConnell-20181210
Photography by Angela McConnell-20181210

Coaching often gets thought of as something that high-level executives in Fortune-500 companies. Although many executives will attest to the contribution that coaching has given them there is a broader application for coaching.


Frontline leaders, small business owners, parents and any person who wants to achieve what they want are all turning to coaching for support.

To give an example of why coaching is important, I can tell you my story of how I was introduced to coaching.

I was 22-years-old and a new Front Line Supervisor. My days were draining as I tried to direct my team of four individuals in their day-to-day tasks. All I wanted was for them, and of course me, to be successful. I spent a lot of my days frustrated, overwhelmed and thinking I was failing.

In a moment of desperation, I spoke to a leader in the organization I was working for whom I admired.  His approach to working with his people was noticeably different than other Managers. He had been with the organization for many years and was only a few years from retirement. He confided in me that his key to success was a coach that he started seeing at a point in his career when he was feeling frustrated and ineffective. Our stories were quite similar.

The rest is history. I contracted with a coach the very next week and began to work.


My transformation was slow but noticeable. My career flourished, but that was not all. It transformed my life, my relationships and my sense of self. It was the complete package.

Even as I live out my life passion as a coach, I engage with a coach regularly. I have learned to stay involved with my development to benefit me, my family and my clients.

I cannot take clients anywhere that I am not willing to go myself.


The short answer is coaching can be for anyone. If you want to know more about who my clients are check out the 'MY CLIENTS' tab if you have not already.


This question seems to be the elephant in the room. There is a myth about coaching that it is costly. When I take into consideration my short story in 'Why coaching?' I cannot imagine where I would be without my coach. 

I frequently reflect on that when I have to make investments in myself.


Where would I be without that support? The answer is usually "Right where I am." and that is not the way to move forward in life. Is it?


I have tried to make the process simple. If you are a private client wanting coaching you can go to my 'BOOK ONLINE' tab and book a 20-minute Discovery Call. That is it.

If you are engaging a coach through your organization you can also book a 20-minute Discovery Call at a time that fits you or send me an email.

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