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As a life long learner I have embarked on extensive training and certifications throughout my career as a leader and my career as a coach.


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Associate Certified Coach - International Coaches Federation

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC™) with the International Coaches Federation (ICF).  The ICF is the gold standard for coaches credentialing and as an ACC I believe in the core values this credentialing organization represents.


I agree to live by those core values not only in my coaching practice, but also in my life.


The continued training that I take as a coach all align with the high standards of the ICF.

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Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath® Certified Practioner

Trauma can show up in interesting ways as we navigate through the process of transformation.

This HeartMath® trauma-sensitive learning gives me the tools and the professional ability to honour what is showing up in the best interest of the client.


Newfield Certified Coach - ICF Certified® Coaches Training

As an ontological coach I deal with transformational learning.

Learning that transcends traditional learning styles of information exchange.


Through my training I can guide the whole person to make lasting shifts in the way they show up as a leader or in their personal life that supports the goals and objectives of my clients.


We work together to co-create practices that are rooted in personal accountability and lasting change.

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Certified HeartMath® Practioner and Coach

Emotional regulation is a key to a balanced and vibrant life. As a certified practitioner, I can bring the HearthMath® tools and techniques alive for you as an individual or in your team.

HeartMath® is more than a conversation, it is an experience.


Equine Guided Learning Facilitator

As a non-verbal sentient being the horse provides an individual with the support to gather the insight they need to make monumental life and leadership leaps.


Being an apprentice in this equine world has opened up doorways to more effective coaching.


It is something you need to experience to understand.

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PCSI® - Personal Coaching Styles Inventory

As a certified facilitator of the PCSI® we can start a foundational conversation with your team or at an individual level about their personal style.


The benefit of this assessment is to bring awareness into an individual's style as well as around the styles of others. This can be an enriching team-building exercise or personal growth assessment.


After the assessment we follow up as a group or individual to discuss the styles and cultivate an understanding of each.

This can set the stage for improved communication and more productive relationships.

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Management Certificate in Leadership - JIBC

As a senior leader for many years this certificate provided a solid foundation to operate from.


My decade of experience in an actual leadership setting allows me to have an understanding of what leaders face in their day to day lives and challenge them to shift their perspectives to become more effective in their roles.


Communication, presence, accountability and effective commitment management are some of the topics of this certificate and served me with great success for many years.

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