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Connecting with nature facilitates connection to self.  In the experience of walking coaching we are combining movement with nature to make the richness of the coaching experience come alive.


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Mud Bay Park

Located in the City of Surrey with easy access, Mud Bay Park is an ideal setting for those on the 'other side' of the tunnel.  Usually, we can complete two laps of the trail and, depending on the time of year, the potential to see eagles, hawks and other birdlife. 


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Langara Golf Course

Located in Vancouver near W49th and Cambie Street.  Langara Golf Course has a great loop around it and is easily accessed by Canada Line.  For those who live in Vancouver, this is an ideal location.  In a coaching session, we can complete 2 loops of this moderate, well-maintained trail.  It takes you out of the office and into the trees, while still staying in the City. 


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Garry Point Park

Located in Steveston, this Park is a gorgeous walk.  During a coaching session, we can complete three laps of the loop around the point.  The comfortable flat trail has beautiful views of the Fraser River, and you can feel the deep connection to the fishing history of the area.


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Campbell Valley Regional Park

It is located in the Township of Langley, just off 16 Avenue.  The park is popular with equestrian riders, but also has some pristine easy to moderate walking trails.  The trails are immaculately maintained, and there are excellent parking facilities in the area. 


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