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Creating space for the conversations of possibility is what we do, and what I believe all individual, team and organizational cultures need.

The 'Small Pause' is not just a catchy phrase or concept. It is a concrete action that results in transformational growth.

Individuals, teams and organizations who adopt the practice of pausing will embrace change more effectively and there improve their cultures.


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You are committed to your success.

You are willing to explore.

And you want something more.

I believe that you know what you want. I think that you want it so bad that the thought of not getting it keeps you up at night.

There are endless possibilities, and it is overwhelming. But, you know the next step towards your dreams is there, and you want support to find it.

As a coach, I have worked with leaders of businesses and organizations, parents, teens and individuals who want more to make a shift. 


I have discovered that human beings have seven innate abilities that that they can lose touch of overtime. And, these abilities are what make growth and change possible.

Those seven abilities are:

1. You are creative.


You are incredibly creative. Over your time on this planet, you have developed a vast array of creative abilities.

2. You are curious.

You want to dive into things. Learning and adapting is part of who you are. There is no denying it.

3. You are courageous.

Courage is the ability to do something scary. You have proved yourself courageous over and over in life. You started new jobs, had children, bought a house, lost a job, met a new partner or lost a partner. All this requires courage.

4. You are passionate.

You have passion running through your veins. You find it impossible to put down when you get ahold of something that feeds that passionate side. Time disappears.

5. You are free.

You can choose your direction and make choices in every moment that brings you closer to what you want.

6. You can learn.

You can learn new things. It is always possible, and change is possible.

7. You are empowered.

You deserve the best and can claim the outcomes in life that you want.

I believe wholeheartedly that these qualities live in you. The issue that you face is that you do not always think that you have them in yourself.

I will show up for you in 100% support of your vision. I will not doubt how infinitely powerful you are, even when you tell me different. I will hold you accountable for your stories and face them with you head-on. I will support you through your moments of fear and doubt so that you can pursue your dream.

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