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We live inside the pause and coach people to harness the power of presence and connect to their core values.

Inside the pause, you rejuvenate your energy, explore choices and unearth opportunities.

When we embrace the pause, anything is possible.


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Dave on the top of Mount Rainier
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My character is forged from experience.


When I started my life, it wasn't so easy. Chronic asthma had me in and out of the hospital dozens of times per year as a baby and toddler. I remember being in damp and cold oxygen tents for days and days devoid of human contact.

As I grew and treatments for my condition advanced, I began to leave that part of my life behind. By the time I was an early teen, I had become involved in sports and advanced to a high level in the activities that I took on.

There seemed to be something missing in my life in my late teenage years that I couldn't pinpoint. I turned to the distraction of alcohol and drugs to fill the emptiness. That led to over a decade of darkness in my life, until at the age of twenty-five, when I knew I could not last.

For many years I ignored that part of my story. I hid it out of shame. But, today is different as the gifts of resilience that time brought me are abundant, as anyone who has overcome addiction can tell you.

As part of a commitment to wellness during my years of recovery, I took up rock climbing and mountaineering, finally becoming a Certified Climbing Instructor in 2000. I spent many years climbing and living in the outdoors. In particular, on one trip, I spent ten days alone in the wilderness on Vancouver Island. Those were some of the most challenging moments of my life that led to the most inner growth.

I climbed all over the Western part of North America and summited many peaks, with Mount Rainier being one of the most memorable.

In 2006, my firstborn, Madison, came along, and I found my focus shifting from the mountains to raising my daughter. Then, in 2008, my secondborn, Matthew, made his way into the world.

I shifted my focus from the mountains to my family and my career.

Taking on a leadership position in a large local government organization is when I built my reputation as a leader. Personally and professionally, I inspired people to be at their best.


In 2017 I became a Certified Life & Leadership Coach and started Small Pause Coaching and Consulting, leaving my corporate role behind,


My time in the trenches of leadership and less-than-ideal circumstances has taught me how to thrive with limited resources and become present to what is essential. In addition, I learned that there is always something, no matter how small, you can be doing to move you closer to your goals and call these the 'baby steps.'

Combining my practical leadership experience with my coaching certification from the Newfield Network (NCC), my ACC accreditation from the International Coaches Federation (ICF) and as a graduate of 'Unbridling Your Brilliance' Equine Guided Learning Apprenticeship Program, I have gained a wealth of wisdom on how to support others in achieving their goals.

After noticing a shift in the world with the increased uncertainty, I obtained two certifications from the HeartMath® Institute, which have developed a set of techniques structured around an optimal approach to life and stress management. The HeartMath® PractionerHeartMath® Coach/Mentor and HeartMath® Trauma-Sensitive Practioner Certifications have become well established in my coaching practice.

At present, I call Steveston, BC, home and live there with my two school-aged children, who have taught me more about leadership and personal growth than I ever could have imagined is possible. When I pause work, I spend my time kayaking in the mouth of the Fraser, walking the expanse of dyke trails Steveston offers and keeping fit. As an experienced rock climber and mountaineer, I also enjoy getting out and connecting with nature.


My passion for life as a learner is contagious and inspiring.

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We believe in supporting our clients, helping you to achieve your goals, and building a lasting, mutually-beneficial relationship.


We don't belive that is possible without understanding our values and commit to living them out in everything that we do.

Here are the values we are committed to:

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