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Our mission is to live inside the pause and coach individuals and groups to harness the power of presence and connect to their core values.

Inside the pause, you rejuvenate your energy, explore choices and unearth opportunities.

When we embrace the pause, anything is possible.


Small Pause - What do we do as an ICF Certified Coach, Equine Guided Facilitator and HeartMath Trained Coach. We also offer online learning, individual and group coaching, team facilitation and engage in public speaking.


A photo of Dave Lundberg in a suit jacket and blue shirt

Leadership Coaching

Leaders set out to make change and then realize they are leading people with all their thoughts, feelings and personalities.

Transformational leaders know how to work inside of real-life to achieve extraordinary results, turning the idea of change into a reality.

I can help you stay resilient while transforming your business or organization.

What clients are saying about Dave?

David is a skilled, highly experienced and compassionate coach and I highly recommend him for anyone looking to invest in coaching to build their leadership capacity.

Dagmar Meachem - Coach & Consultant

Courage Space Coaching

Life Coaching

To transform means to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of something or someone.

Creating a vision of what you want and being coached to act on the incremental steps to achieve success is what coaching is all about.

I provide you with courageous and unconditional support to achieve your dreams.

Dave with short sleeve shirt in a more casual pose

What people are saying about Dave?

Since our session, I have been on this emotional high, one that has felt empowering and has even made me more confident in a way, situations that I have felt overanxious and or stressed about in the past, have not had the same effect on me, I have been able to handle some challenging situations a bit more effectively than before as well, but I definitely feel there is more work to be done.

Bill M. - HeartMath® Coaching Session

Picture of Dave with a horse, one of his horse co-facilitators

Equine Guided Learning Facilitator

Horses are masters of presence and have the ability to guide us into places we would not be able to go with conversations alone.

If you are a leader looking to increase your influence or a person who wants to deepen your connection to the authentic self, a series of Equine Guided Learning sessions will support you.

These sessions can support powerful and transformative shifts for those who are open to them.

Contact me to find out more about these coaching experiences.

One leader said to me after a session, "Dave, this work transcends the workplace."  He could not be more correct.

Teen Coaching

Imagine if your teen was resourced to tackle this increasingly complex world.

My approach to Teen Coaching is to create an empathetic and understanding relationship and provide your Teen with the tools to succeed.

I used several different methods when working with teens tailored to the results that they want to see.

One-on-one Online Coaching, Equine Guided Coaching with facilities in Fort Langley and South Langley, and for my local clients in the Steveston Area, I make Walking Coaching available.

The best way to explore what works best it to book a 20-minute Discovery Call.

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