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7 Fundamental Truths About Yourself That You Forget

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Have you ever heard the story of the Golden Buddha?

It is a beautiful myth that points the way toward some fundamental truths about you. That is, underneath all the stories you tell yourself or that others have told you and that you hang onto tightly, you are golden.

Pause for a moment and imagine if this belief, of 'you are golden,' was rooted deep inside your psyche. What would be possible?

In the day-to-day rigours of life, it is far too easy to forget about the gold inside. As you run around trying to be everything to everyone, you lose touch with this place.

Your emotions, your physical body, your values and your desires get easily cast aside.

Breaking this cycle is no easy task, but acknowledging that you have these golden qualities is the first step.

The good news is that these qualities never disappear; instead, they lie dormant, like a smouldering ember that needs the fanning of awareness.

Once you come back in contact with these parts of you, often referred to as higher self, you situate yourself to move toward what your heart desires.

I invite you to take into consideration these seven qualities and ask yourself, "How will I allow these qualities to show up in my life?"

1. You are creative.

You are incredibly creative. Over your time on this planet, you have developed a vast array of creative abilities that never cease to amaze those around you.

2. You are curious.

You want to dive into things. Learning and adapting are part of who you are. There is no denying it; as a human being, you were born with innate curiosity.

3. You are courageous.

Courage is the ability to do something you see as scary. You have proved yourself courageous over and over in life. You started new jobs, had children, bought a house, lost a job, met a new partner or lost a partner. All this requires courage.

4. You are passionate.

You have passion running through your veins. You find it impossible to put down when you get ahold of something that feeds that passionate side. Time disappears, and you become immersed in your gold.

5. You are free.

You can choose your direction and make choices in every moment that brings you closer to what you want.

6. You can learn.

You can learn new things. It is always possible, and change is possible.

7. You are empowered.

You deserve the best and can claim the outcomes in life that you want.


I believe wholeheartedly that these qualities live in you. The issue that you face is that you do not always think that you have them in yourself.

Embodying these qualities is not about doing anything more. I see the 'doing more' trap capture so many on the journey to reacquaint themselves with their gold.

Your inner light will shine when you allow it to. The key to it all is to notice when you are collapsing around it and not allowing it to shine. This powerful noticing will lead you to the next baby step. This process you can trust.


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