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5 Ways To Tell If You're Taking Life Too Seriously

In our everyday lives, we encounter stressors, big and small. Some may even seem trivial or unimportant at the time, but as these stressors continue to pile up and take up residence in our minds and hearts, they can negatively impact our well-being.

If you're constantly feeling anxious, stressed out or unhappy more often than not, it could be a sign that you're taking life too seriously.

Unfortunately, when this happens, we lose sight of what's important in life and fail to enjoy the little things around us. We lose touch with the present moment because we worry about the past or become fearful of the future. As a result, our actions and behaviour come from a disingenuous place. So you see that taking life too seriously can have quite significant impacts.

In this blog post, you will learn about five ways to tell if you're taking life too seriously.

You frequently feel anxious or stressed.

If you're constantly feeling anxious or stressed out, it could signify that you're taking life too seriously. Anxiety is a normal part of the human experience, but it can be detrimental to your physical and mental health when it becomes excessive and uncontrollable. When you notice that you're experiencing high anxiety levels regularly, you might be putting too much pressure on yourself to succeed or show up in a certain way.

When we put too much pressure on ourselves, it can cause our minds and bodies to become stressed out, leading to feelings of anxiety, nervousness and general unhappiness. Stress is a natural and healthy response that prepares our bodies and minds for a situation or threat that requires action, but when it becomes chronic, it can take a toll on our well-being and must be addressed.

You complain a lot.

If you constantly complain about your job, the state of the world or your personal life, it could be a sign that you're taking life too seriously.

Complaining about things out of our control can be a natural and valid way of expressing frustration. I talk about this in my blog post 'The Art of Complaining: The Ultimate Guide to Having Your Voice Heard,'

but when it becomes a regular occurrence, it can be draining for you and those around you.

When we repeatedly complain without taking any real action towards a solution, it can signify that we're taking life too seriously; after all, who are you to decide how things should or shouldn't be? Furthermore, complaining about issues that are out of our control makes us feel helpless, angry and resentful, so it's essential to make an effort to change your mindset as soon as possible and, in that state, take responsible action to reconcile the issue.

You find yourself ruminating on minor issues.

If you find yourself stressing out over minor issues, it could be a sign that you're taking life too seriously. Of course, everyone has a bad day now and then and experiences the occasional bad mood, but if you find yourself getting stressed out over things that don't matter in the big picture, you have to ask yourself, "Is it really worth it?".

When we ruminate on minor issues, our emotions run wild, making it difficult to think clearly and see the bigger picture. Therefore, finding a healthy balance between taking action and letting go of negative thoughts and feelings is essential.

You find it challenging to enjoy moments with those you love.

If you're constantly feeling stressed out and unhappy even when spending time with the people you love, it could be a sign that you're taking life too seriously.

Our default mode of thinking shifts from positive and optimistic to negative and pessimistic, making it difficult to enjoy our time with loved ones. We may judge their behaviours and actions harshly or feel we want to disconnect altogether. It is vital to notice that this is less about those around you and more about identifying what you need to feel whole again. The people you love are your safe space, and if you are constantly distracted with work-related issues or feel the need to criticize others for doing things you think are wrong, it might be time to check in with yourself and honour the space you are in.

You judge yourself and others harshly.

If you're constantly feeling pessimistic about yourself and others, it could signify that you're taking life too seriously.

When you are highly critical and judgmental, it makes it difficult to have positive relationships with others. This is because we fail to see things from a balanced perspective and hold ourselves to an unrealistic standard while judging those around us for not meeting those standards.

Learn to go easy on yourself. Talk to yourself like you would a best friend; this is a beautiful practice if you have been taking life too seriously at times.

How to stop taking life too seriously?

There are plenty of ways to break the cycle of seriousness! The first step to getting out of this negative headspace is recognizing the signs that you're taking life too seriously.

Once you recognize these signs, it's essential to learn how to release the spiral of negative thoughts and feelings that can slowly take over.

Taking time to meditate, connect with your heart, be in nature and practice your version of self-care are all great ways to cleanse your mind and relax your body. Another great way to break this cycle is to allow yourself to be silly and make time to do something that makes you happy, even if it seems silly or unimportant. Laughter is a cure-all, and we ALL need that at times. I make it a point to be ridiculous at least three times daily.


Bottom line

Taking life too seriously can make you overly stressed and judgmental, erasing the joy of life. Sure, life has a serious side, but not all the time! Patterns can have powerful grips on you, so if you identify with any of these things but cannot see a way forward, know that it is okay to ask for help.


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