This grassroots, no bells and whistles discovery guide will take you to discover your heart's desire declaration.


A declaration is a powerful way to live with purpose. A declaration does more than set intention; it creates an energetic pull toward what it is that you want.


The heart is a powerful resource that is not fully understood as we put so much value on the thinking mind.


Nelson Mandela said, "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.


Science has shown in the last two decades and points us towards how much power resides in the heart. Taking a moment to make a heart inquiry is all that it takes to unlock this previously untapped potential. In fact, it has been measured that more than 80% of the information flowing between the brain and the heart flows upwards.


The process will guide you with a 7-minute video explaining the essence of the work you will be doing. Attached is a 5-minute heart-focused meditation that activates the neurons and receptors around the heart, tapping into the hearts unrealized power.


We intuitively connect to emotions like care, appreciation and gratitude when we focus on the heart, and it is from this place your hearts desire declaration with manifest.


You are encouraged to take time with this work. You may want to do several heart-focused meditations sessions before putting pen to paper in the workbook.


The workbook expertly and gently guides you through a self-inquiry process that will help you create your declared hearts desire.

Heart's Desire Discovery Self Paced Session

  • 7 minute - MP4 Formatted Video Clip - Introduction to the work

    5 minute - MP3 Formatted Audio Clip - Heart Connection Meditation

    9-page - PDF Formatted - Heart's Desire Workbook

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